Announcing ITF World as Day 2 of the World Incubation Summit 2023!

Announcing ITF World as Day 2 of the World Incubation Summit 2023!

Time to get excited, WIS23 delegates!

When you apply for an invitation to attend the World Incubation Summit 2023, you can be certain of the value your organization will receive. Now, we’ve increased the value even more by including two summits for the price of one! WIS23 delegates, get excited to attend ITF World as part of the World Incubation Summit 2023.

“In technology, we have recognized that a global race is taking place and that our capacity to take our destiny into our own hands boils down essentially to the mastery of tomorrow’s technologies. Breakthrough digital, dual, and green technologies are becoming an essential driver of our resilience. Data, chips, quantum, hydrogen, batteries – these are key transformative technologies that we need to invest in for the real industrial revolution to happen. ” - Thierry Breton, EU Commissioner for the Internal Market during a speech to the Technical University of Eindhoven, September 2022

What is ITF World?

ITF World is a program centered around semiconductor technologies and system scaling. With an important focus on deep-tech venturing and featuring inspiring case studies, WIS23 delegates will receive valuable information on the worldwide Chips Act initiatives. Our hosts for WIS23, imec, and imec.istart, hold ITF World to highlight their own role and activities while delivering valuable information to attendees.

What is the Chips Act?

Think of semiconductor chips, usually referred to as just chips, as the brains that run modern technology, from smartphones to vehicles and beyond. Pandemic-created supply chain shortages of chips gave momentum to Europe and the United States to provide billions in incentives to rehome semiconductor manufacturing on their own shores.

In February 2022, the EU launched its Chips Act, an initiative designed to strengthen the semiconductor industry to secure its digital future, providing access to $30 billion in state aid and direct EU funding. In August 2022, U.S. President Biden signed the CHIPS Act into law, committing $52.7 billion for incentives and investments in American semiconductor chip manufacturing. Similar legislation is in the works for Japan and Taiwan and other countries are setting their sights on the concept of innovating their own chip supply chains, as well as looking to contribute to global initiatives.

What does this mean globally?

“We need international trade and global value chain integration for our economy to continue thriving.” - Thierry Breton, EU Commissioner for the Internal Market during a speech to the Technical University of Eindhoven, September 2022

The EU and US Chips Acts have strategic national significance for each region, with startups and SMEs standing to benefit from this legislation. However, there is reason to believe that more countries and regions will follow suit with similar initiatives, and/or be part of a global chip exchange. As our industry can attest, globalization is active and thriving, and so are the opportunities surrounding the CHIPS Act.

On an international level, increasing the capacity to design and produce semiconductors in Europe and the USA will positively impact the global supply chain. Additionally, both entities have an overall objective to serve the global demand for chips, which is always increasing, and win their own share of this demanding market.

Incubators and accelerators of the future

As part of the World Incubation Summit 2023 theme of Building Bridges Toward Excellence, UBI Global aims to provide information on future-forward strategies for business incubators and accelerators to improve their competitiveness and be ready for initiatives such as the CHIPS Act. During ITF World, WIS23 delegates can expect

  • Insights from world-renowned tech experts and industry leaders
  • Demos showcasing state-of-the-art technologies and innovative solutions in a wide array of application domains
  • Exchanges of information among key stakeholders from the global semiconductor and deep-tech scenes and innovators from various application domains
“The capacity for innovation in the case of our industry means two things—the design and the technology. And they need to go hand in hand. They need to be really close to each other.” - Jo De Boeck, Chief Strategy Officer, and Executive Vice President at imec

Transportation is provided to WIS23 delegates to and from ITF World and networking is encouraged on the journey. We can’t wait to see you in Ghent for WIS23! Apply for your invitation here.



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Livestream Part 1
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24 January 2023

Anyone is welcome to register to attend Part 1, a livestream event announcing the UBI Global World Rankings of Business Incubators & Accelerators 2021-2022. Streaming live with imec and imec.istart
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In-person Part 2
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14-17 May 2023

Part 2 is an invitation only, in-person, 4-day event focused on networking, interactive learning, and featuring a gala evening, inspiring speakers, and much more! Hosted by imec and imec.istart in Ghent, Belgium



Two great events
creating impactful collaborations

WIS Part 1 is free online and open to anyone interested in the global innovation ecosystem! WIS Part 2 is a physical event focused on business incubators and accelerators making outstanding contributions to the global innovation ecosystem


imec and imec.istart partner with UBI Global and Global Inovation Studios to announce the World Ranking of Business Incubators and Accelerators 2021-2022

“Impact innovation emerges anywhere around the globe. By connecting to other relevant innovation ecosystems, we can keep up with the fast-paced innovation and support our startups and partners in keeping a global perspective. UBI Global is a pivotal player in building bridges to these global innovation ecosystems, and we are proud to bring these ecosystems together in Belgium at WIS23. Welcome to Ghent!”

-Sven De Cleyn
imec.istart Program Director

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