What to See in Ghent

Gravensteen Castle

Gravensteen Castle, also known as the Castle of the Counts, is one of the most popular landmarks in Ghent. It was built in the 12th century and was used as a residence for the Counts of Flanders. Today, it is a museum that showcases the history of the castle and the city. Visitors can explore the castle's dungeons, armory, and torture chamber, which provides a glimpse into medieval times.

St. Bavo's Cathedral

St. Bavo's Cathedral is another landmark that is worth visiting. It is a Gothic-style cathedral that was built in the 14th century. It is famous for its stunning interior, which includes the altarpiece, "The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb," by the brothers Hubert and Jan Van Eyck. This masterpiece is considered one of the most important works of art in the world.

The Belfry of Ghent

The Belfry of Ghent is a bell tower that dates back to the 14th century. It is 91 meters tall and has 54 bells that chime every quarter of an hour. Visitors can climb to the top of the tower to enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

The Graslei and Korenlei

The Graslei and Korenlei are two quays in Ghent that are lined with historic buildings. They were once used as a trading center for grain and other goods. Today, they are popular tourist attractions, where visitors can enjoy a walk along the river and admire the beautiful architecture.

Bridges of Ghent

The inspiration for WIS23’s theme, ‘Building Bridges toward Excellence,” there are romantic bridges scattered throughout Ghent’s waterways. Including St Michael's Bridge, Grasbrug Bridge, and Vleeshuisbrug, these scenic spots are famous for their majestic skyline backdrops.


The headquarters for the World Incubation Summit 2023 is a landmark in and of itself. WIS23 will be the first international gathering to take place in this historic building that was once an indoor circus turned automobile showroom. Recently restored with loving detail, Wintercircus is next to the Ghent Library, home to our hosts imec and imec.istart.

For WIS23 delegates, Ghent is a city with a rich history and culture as well as a destination for innovation. Its landmarks, including Gravensteen Castle, St. Bavo's Cathedral, the Belfry of Ghent, and the Graslei and Korenlei, provide a glimpse into the city's past and are must-see attractions for anyone visiting the city.



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